Litigation Experience

  • Negotiated plea agreements, litigated motions on suppression and constitutional issues and litigated jury trials in the following jurisdictions: Montezuma County, Dolores County, Archuleta County and La Plata County.
  • Litigated and practiced in front of six different district court judges, and three county court judges, and two magistrates in our local community
  • Litigated and practiced with over fifteen different prosecutors in my career
  • Educated and experienced in rules of evidence, rules of professional conduct, criminal law, children’s code, rules of juvenile procedure, criminal procedure

Legal Research

  • Educated and trained attorneys in the Colorado Public Defender’s Office on cross-examination, immigration collateral consequences, probation revocations, competency, and the collateral  consequences of a sex offense convictions
  • Significant legal research experience such as statutory interpretation of extreme indifference murder, Interstate Agreement on Detainers Speedy Trial Violations, Preparation for Transfer Hearings and Reverse Transfer Hearings. 
  • Educated in Sex Offender Management Board requirements, have observed multiple sex offense specific evaluations
  • Educated in Colorado Department of Human Services workbooks and manuals for juvenile and adult competency standards in Colorado.

Community Involvement  

  • Voting Member of Community Corrections Board, as well as participated in the development of the By-Laws and Policies of our local Community Corrections Board
  • Active member of the JSPC Meetings for Juveniles
  • Worked with Department of Human Services, Colorado Protective Services, and Social workers in finding juvenile placement options and resources in the community
  • Participated as a Voting Member on the DUI court in Montezuma County, also have participated in screening candidates for Wellness Court in La Plata County and Montezuma County
  • Experienced in the resources available in the local community for families, juveniles, and those experiencing poverty and displacement 
  • Experienced in  AXIS representatives, social workers, Department of Human Services, Colorado Protective Services, Clerks, Law Enforcement agencies